The Fix, Damian Thompson

*Book recommendation*

Aside making it outside for parkrun, I did little but devour this book during a recent weekend. In addition to alcohol, the author discusses how smartphones, drugs and sugar consumption are impacting society. A very compelling read and only 300ish pages long. My favourite part (which really resonated) was:

“I keep trying to work out when my drinking got the better of me. But it’s tricky: I can’t distinguish between losing control of myself in the sense that everyone does when they’re intoxicated and losing control of my life because I was perpetually drunk and hung over”

*I purchased this from the Science Gallery in London as their bookshop is great. But it’s probably cheaper on Amazon.

PS. The chapter on sugar is hard-hitting. I should probably do something about my Lindt bunny habit 🤦‍♀️


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